May 1, 2010

To begin with, I don’t know where to begin. How does one go about starting a blog once the thing is actually put into existence? Is there some protocol set up for the first post? Does the writer just wing it?

I hope so, since that’s what I’ll be doing.

Aside from the various video game blogs I keep up with (if only to stay informed about, what else, video games), I’ve never actually read a ‘real’ blog. I’ve read the occasional blog post or excerpt, but never actually followed along with an author’s thoughts for any extended period of time through this medium. The concept isn’t something that escapes me, I’ve spent the last semester in a Journalism class hearing from my professor about how anyone can go out and start publishing journalistic entries without any effort or money. But to actually join in on such an endeavor? I am not familiar.

So then, there’s a good chance you may be asking why I did decide to start one without knowing first hand what one of these blogs are. I do have a fair number of reasons (including why I don’t want to read any other blogs just yet) and following those I’ll go into what I plan to discuss. But baby steps now, let’s start at the start.

As long as I’ve known myself (or as long as I’ve tried to look at myself objectively), I’ve noticed I tend to come up with elaborate strategies to organize my thoughts. Not just things like high school brainstorming spider plots required before you can even think about even outlining, but pages of charts and comparisons examining ideas and the like and setting them out in plain ‘this is what I think’ fashion. Even on a lesser level, I like labeling my opinions with whatever words I can find. For example, I love the words ‘misanthropic’, ‘introverted’, ‘cynical’ and ‘eccentric’ because I can literally summarize a good portion of myself using those along with words like them. Having adjectives and labels available to replace my long-winded and overly detailed explanations of my opinions make it so much easier and convenient to be able to describe who I am and what I think to others without needing to go into extensive details and examples (this isn’t to say I define myself by these terms, just that they can help describe my thoughts on subjects quicker, like a shortcut). Eventually I could stop listing how things made me feel and instead just get to work on getting down a few handfuls of words to toss about when I need to explain things relating to my views. I can now shortcut “I believe that any and all deities can exist but won’t worship anything without proof” with “open-minded unbiased polytheist” and occasionally even just to “I’m polytheistic”.

However, this does not mean I plan to start just posting these now mental compendiums and link them to some subject. If those were all I needed then a blog would most definitely not be for me. No, there are still subjects that a keyword doesn’t exist for (yet) or doesn’t suit. Even subjects I have summarized, like my polytheism, for example, can still be explained. Yes I am polytheistic, but why? There’s no way to adequately explain that in just a sentence or two, and thus a couple of paragraphs will need to be formed. Again, you might say that still doesn’t explain the need for writing them down if I have the arguments complete in my mind. Well that’s my main reason: I actually want to have a collection of my thoughts written down. Just because I don’t make as many lists and charts as I used to, doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy organizing my ideas. So, I wanted to write them down. But being the type who likes to converse with others about said ideas, I figured it would only be too much of a bother to start novelizing them and thus the best outlet I could think of would be a blog. So, here I am.

For why I’ve not read any other blogs yet (and subsequently don’t want to for a while at least), the short answer is that I don’t want to try to conform to some standard when I’m writing. After I read something, I tend to think (and thus write) that way for a fair while (as I’m sure many others do), and were I do to that for a subject I am completely alien to, then I believe I’d try to work to fit the schema of ‘blog’ that I would most likely form. Basically, I want this to be as natural as I can get it. Obviously it’ll still be affected by other things that I read, but I want to avoid subconsciously trying to format it like a Common Blog™ as much as I can.

Anywho, subject matter. What all would I be expressing now that I’ve explained how and why I am expressing at all. I didn’t really want a theme blog besides my thoughts, so it’s probably going to be a smorgasbord of whatever if currently going through my head that day. For a basic gist of what I will most likely discuss, here’s the Categories I’ve got made so far are Entertainment (Internet Videos, Literature, Music, Television/Film, Video Games), People, Philosophy, Places, Worldly Events. If any of those need to be elaborated on, well, you might need to pick something else to read. I don’t want to baby anyone, so I’m going to go the common knowledge/understanding route. If I know it because someone else told me, then I’ll most likely assume that it needn’t be explained. If It’s from my own research or I made it up then I’ll definitely explain it. Just wanted to get that out-of-the-way. But back to topics, I can’t see much else I’ll be talking about. School would probably just get broken into discussions regarding Philosophy and People or Worldly Events and the like. Politics is a huge NO from me so anything related to that will simply be divided into its own categories since I will only talk about things that make up politics, and not any collective of beliefs known as a ‘party’ together. If I talk about dating or sex or anything like that, it’ll be in the general sense since I know how mad I get when I’m reading something and the author likes to give me their sob story right in the goddamn middle. So no personal bollocks unless it is generally relevant.

In conclusion (or “I can’t find anything else to talk about”), I’m not looking to get popular overnight nor am I going to whine if I don’t get readers. I’m a writer, I know how hard it is to try to balance appeal with what you actually want to write. In theory, I could write a gossip blog about video games, actors and athletes if I wanted readers. But I’m here to write about what I want. I’m appealing to myself here, and if you like it as well then feel free to read it, I’m glad to have you. No one is forcing you to read this, so leave if you don’t like it. On a related note, I really really enjoy good intellectual debates, so if you disagree with me on some point now or in the future I am all for having a bit of back-and-forth about it. But the second you try to pull some ad hominem garbage out or your fucking ass I will come down on you with the fury of a thousand suns. So let’s keep it civil, yes? In the end I will always respect your opinion no matter what it is so long as you respect mine in kind. Just do NOT push your beliefs on me. I will not forgive you.

So there’s my first wall of text. I hope you’ll read the rest of them.


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